openroad: mini cooper

September is your chance to unlock adventure with a day-trip in a MINI convertible provided by MINI Langley and OpenRoad Auto Group.

What comes to mind when thinking about the Fraser Valley? Maybe it’s the mountain ranges, the sprawling fields, the hidden swimming holes, or the rapidly expanding communities? There is an abundance of beautiful places to see on two feet or four wheels. Explore the back roads in the MINI on your way to Harrison Hot Springs, where the winner will enjoy a package for two, including breakfast at Muddy Waters, a kayaking/boating adventure, and lunch or dinner at Morgan’s Bistro.

Plus, your choice of one of photographer Zack Melhus’ stunning photos turned into a 12×16 canvas.

Where will you stop along the way, and how will you make memories in your MINI?


No trip to the “city in the country” is complete without taking in the sight of Mount Baker in all its glory. For an unobstructed view, perch yourself atop Eagle Mountain – a residential development located on a mountain slope, that overlooks the valley and gets you seemingly eye-level to the snowy behemoth in the distance.


Anyone who still thinks Chilliwack is all barnyards and cows is living in the dark ages. This area has seriously developed over the years, and in addition to offering modern day living, it hasn’t failed to maintain its beautiful greenery and small-town charm. A trip down Chilliwack Lake Road provides plenty of sights and opportunities to veer off and discover a trail, hike or pitch a tent.

Along the banks of the Chilliwack River is a small, tucked away site, Allison Pool. The area is ideal for an afternoon swim, even fully clothed.

Maple Ridge

The winding roads of Golden Ears Provincial Park is a great place to lower the roof of the convertible and marvel at the great outdoors. As one of the largest parks in the province, the area has extensive trails and is a popular spot for swimming, boating, and chasing waterfalls.

Harrison Hot Springs

You’ve arrived! Now it’s time to enjoy the waterfront charm of the area, including casual and fine dining, entertainment and relaxation. Park the car and stroll along the paths for picturesque sights of mountain ranges and calm water, or peruse the small shops and grab an ice cream cone before beginning your itinerary. The area is yours to explore!

As seen on ValleyBuzz