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City Lights on Novus TV is a channel focusing on Vancouver’s entertainment lifestyle, local events, and celebrity profiles. 

You have probably heard the song "2 Heads," but you might not know much about the man behind the monstrous hit. 

What if you could help change someone's life just by eating a meal at your favourite restaurant?

There are over 4 trillion pounds of plastic on the planet. What if it could be used as a currency in third world countries? 

For one night, Science World transformed into Vancouver's largest cocktail laboratory and it's all for a good cause.

We walk by people every day but have no idea who they really are. Interesting Vancouver aims to change that.

Dress for Success is helping women get back up on their feet and into the workforce by providing clothes and confidence. 

Nicolle Hodges attends a calligraphy workshop to learn about the lost art of ink and paper. So, what is it good for?

VFW has quickly become a major platform for designers to showcase their work, but for Taran Cheema of TKC design, it goes beyond just clothing.